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Triple Point VCT 2011 plc

Investment Strategy

Triple Point VCT 2011 plc (TP11) is a Venture Capital Trust (VCT) that has three share classes.


Ordinary Shares

This share class follows the proven VCT model set by the pioneering Triple Point VCT plc. It closed to new investment on 28 April 2011 having raised £20.3 million.

The Net Asset Value per Ordinary Share takes into account the payment of dividends totalling 59.05p per share taking (as at 31 August 2015) the total cumulative shareholder return to 113.57p per share.

A Shares (Hydro)

This share class has its own distinct investment strategy funding a portfolio of hydroelectric schemes in Scotland. It closed to new investment on 30 April 2015 having raised £10.3 million.

B Shares

The B share class is a limited life offering, targeting a pipeline of potential combined heat and power (CHP) plants. Non-qualifying investments will be made into Triple Point's Navigator Strategy which focuses on providing short and medium-term funding to a wide range of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Net Asset Values Per Share
31 August 2017

 Ordinary Share Class  4.30p 
 A Share Class  102.41p
 B Share Class  99.73p


Dividend History

Ordinary Share Class only

24 November 2017 3.30p per share
23 June 2017 2.00p per share
14 April 2017 5.00p per share
11 November 2016 24.00p per share
18 December 2015 20.70p per share
31 July 2015 38.00p per share
19 June 2015 7.37p per share
27 February 2015 1.32p per share
25 July 2014 3.68p per share
7 February 2014 1.32p per share
12 July 2013 3.68p per share
16 November 2012 3.68p per share

 A Share Class only

23 June 2017 4.00p per share





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