Venture Capital Trust (VCT) from Triple Point

Maximising Financial Returns through Solving Real World Corporate Challenges 



Triple Point’s Venture Capital Trust - The Venture Fund looks to maximise financial returns by investing in innovative businesses that are solving real-world corporate challenges.

This generalist VCT builds on our strong track record of early stage investing with a distinct approach.

Triple Point always seeks to partner with the very best industry experts and has established a network of innovation specialists and venture capitalists (the Triple Point Venture Network) which will work proactively with high-potential early stage businesses that are actively solving problems for established corporates.


Businesses targeted by the Venture Fund will be VCT Qualifying and will have the potential to generate long term capital growth. Over time, realised capital gains are expected to contribute to the payment of dividends by the VCT. The Venture Fund will aim to mitigate some of the risks typically associated with venture capital investing through proactively working with high-potential businesses that are actively solving problems for large corporates, increasing their chances of success.

Maximised Returns:

Targeting companies with the potential to generate significant capital growth

Challenge Led

Following a distinct challenge led investment strategy


Target portfolio of 20+ companies

VCT Tax Reliefs

Investors benefit from tax reliefs associated with VCT, including 30% upfront income tax relief and tax free growth

Generalist VCT

Targeting early distributions

Raise Amount

£15 million with an over-allotment facility of a further £15 million subject to the Director's discretion

The Triple Point Venture Network

The Venture Network is a team of corporate innovation specialists, growth consultants, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.

Drawing on the specialist skills and experience of all its members, the Triple Point Venture Network has developed a strategy which proactively helps early stage businesses increase their chances of success.


The Venture Fund uses a distinct challenge led investment approach. This starts with identifying specific problems faced by large corporates. The Triple Point Venture Network then works with high-potential startups that are best placed to solve these large corporate problems. The large corporate will then purchase the product/service, establishing market validation for the business