10 November 23

Why we published our Sustainability Blue Book, by Lindsay Smart

Lindsay Smart explains how Triple Point’s Sustainability Blue Book: 2023 Report came about and what the report represents.

Publishing our Blue Book is about making official what we've always believed: that responsible business is fundamental, not optional. This report is our way of transparently sharing the principles we operate by, aligning our long-held practices with our forward-looking aspirations.

With Triple Point’s Sustainability Blue Book: 2023 Report, we’re at a pivotal juncture. It is our chance to demonstrate the strides we’ve made in sustainability while reinforcing our dedication to ongoing improvement and transparent communication of our actions and progress. In pursuit of a more sustainable society, tracking progress is essential.

The Blue Book outlines Triple Point’s sustainability strategy, which encompasses two fundamental aspects: our commitment to setting a positive example as a responsible business and our approach to investing. We have assessed our activities for where they play a contributing role to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targets, and where there is risk our actions weaken the Goals be achieved and we need to make improvements. Within this framework, we outline our Approach, Outcomes, and Commitments for each area.

As a business, we want to be proud of our actions and the way we behave. This is why we strived to become a Certified B Corp and our efforts to integrate sustainability across our operations are highlighted in the five key strategy areas of the B Corp framework: People, Community, Environment, Governance, Customers & Stakeholders. In our role as investors, we firmly believe in driving positive changes that allow for profit and growth while minimising harm to the planet or the interests of future generations. We implement this approach through our investment focus areas: Social Housing, Energy, Digital Infrastructure, Private Credit, and Venture Capital. We acknowledge we often have to make compromises. Sometimes the technology or actions we would like to back are not yet commericially viable. Sometimes the data we would like to collect is not easy to come by.

Being sustainable is not a perfect science, or singularly defined. The companies we engage with are at different points in their sustainability journeys, with varied resources at their disposal. Our aim is to tailor each approach with consistent processes targeted to the specific goals of each strategy. Our objective is to ensure each of these entities – and Triple Point as an organisation – are advancing along the path to sustainability.

People, Purpose and Profit are at the core of Triple Point’s mission. I invite you to download the report so you can better understand our purpose-led vision for sustainability and the challenges facing us as a society today. We are firmly committed to holding ourselves accountable on our sustainability behaviours outlined in the report. By leading by example, we not only improve our business practices, create a strong foundation for our investments, and hopefully, inspire others to take similar actions.

Read our Sustainability Blue Book. 

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