6 June 18

What is driving the nice-ification of investment?

Written by Rebecca O'Connor for "Good with Money"

Trends usually start with a small group of cool people doing something that seems a bit odd at first: growing long beards, for example. Then somehow, that odd thing clicks – other less cool people suddenly get the coolness of it, and the trend catches on.

Could this be so with positive investing?

Once the preserve of self-confessed ethical types, this church is now broadening out to include “mainstream” folk, who have been feeling guilty and a bit cross about plastics and car fumes for a while and are beginning to think about what their money is doing in the world.

Of course, positive investing is a “cool” thing to do, by default. But seldom has the investment industry ever been a conduit for coolness, so it’s not at all guaranteed that this particular sustainability vogue could follow the pattern of sustainability trends in other spheres, such as clothing and food and takeover the pinstriped world of investment managers, just by virtue of its coolness

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