15 January 24

Triple Point’s Female Founders Hub: Levelling the playing field for female business leaders

The idea that capital raising is a predominantly male-led industry is changing, and female leaders are building more businesses each year than ever before. But there’s still a significant gender gap when it comes to funding, and more needs to be done to unlock the opportunities that female-led companies can present. As the Rose Review noted, “£250 billion of new value could be added to the UK economy if women started and scaled new businesses at the same rate as men”.[1]

Here at Triple Point, we’re ideally placed to recognise the challenges that management teams of UK businesses face, as well as offering the understanding, support and funding opportunities that female entrepreneurs and business leaders need to accelerate the growth of their companies. That’s why we launched the Triple Point Female Founders Hub, with our first event held in November last year.

The event
We invited three company founders to join a panel discussion hosted by Claire Ainsworth, who chairs the Investment Committee at Triple Point Investment Management. The panel were:

  • Tarryn Gore, CEO and founder of Kafoodle, which offers award-winning menu management software that’s powering the food industry.
  • Camilla Rogers, founder of Fifty50 Coaching, which prioritises mental fitness and health in workplaces across London and the UK.
  • Anna Chalov, co-founder of Bemuse, which offers a delicious range of non-alcoholic modern mead drinks, supporting honey-makers worldwide.

It was a unique opportunity for Tarryn, Camilla and Anna to tell their stories, and to share real-life experiences and insights into seeking – and securing – external funding. It was also an opportunity for all attendees to connect with the panellists as well as to be introduced to advisors, legal experts and other industry professionals.

Claire Ainsworth said: “This evening has been tremendously valuable in encouraging leaders to share their knowledge and experiences of how to get funding and to grow their business. We want our Female Founders Hub to be a space where women can come and talk about their experiences, good and bad, of being a business leader and the challenges they’ve faced and overcome when it comes to funding and support.

“But it’s also a space where everyone can connect and feel reassured that being a senior leader doesn’t have to be an isolating experience. You’re not alone, there are other women just like you that you can talk to and learn from. I think everyone who attended has taken something away from this evening, and if there are any female leaders out there wondering where to begin, or what’s next for their company, I would suggest that joining the Female Founders Hub is a great place to start.”

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[1] https://www.natwestgroup.com/news-and-insights/latest-stories/enterprise/2023/feb/the-alison-rose-review-of-female-entrepreneurship.html

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