30 April 20

Triple Point gives a helping hand to frontline workers

In the face of adversity communities across the UK have demonstrated inspirational acts of kindness, compassion and gratitude for those working tirelessly on the frontline to keep us safe. Long after this crisis has passed, we will all reflect on the bravery of those who stood tall against an invisible enemy and how we helped the many who cared and protected us during these turbulent times.
Inspired to do more, since the start of March we have been donating 15% of our Initial Fees taken from all our investment products to our Helping Hands initiative, initially to fund and supply hand cream to frontline health workers across the UK.
Why hand cream? Washing your hands repeatedly hour after hour, day after day leaves your hands dry, cracked and sore. We wanted to find a way to have a small but meaningful impact to those on the frontline to make life a little bit easier and to say thank you.