26 June 23

Triple Point Energy Transition Plc - Results for the Year Ended 31 March 2023

"The year was a transformative period for TENT. In focusing wholly on niche, but highly attractive, areas of the energy transition, we believe we have an investment strategy which will deliver robust shareholder returns throughout the cycle. The results we are announcing today amply bear out our confidence.

The Company's portfolio now includes 19 investments across attractive and key energy transition technologies comprising hydroelectric, battery storage, renewable power, solar and BESS development and LED lighting. This portfolio has proven its earnings power with full dividend cover attained on delivering the Company's dividend target of 5.50 pence per share (equating to a 9% yield on the share price as at 31 March 2023). This has all been achieved whilst avoiding any adverse impact from the Government's electricity generator levy. Further, the Company's long term revenue cash flows, of which 92% are contractually underpinned, provide strong visibility on the sustainability of the portfolio's earnings.

In addition, the Company's significant pipeline of attractive opportunities currently yield a high return, while further adding to the high level of diversification already apparent in the Company's portfolio.

Whilst our share price has been impacted by the same equity market turbulence that has affected all infrastructure investment companies, we do not believe that our share price discount to NAV is an accurate reflection of the clear attractions of the Company's differentiated strategy. The portfolio enjoys a high level of underlying committed revenue and we believe this comprises a highly attractive value opportunity for investors wishing to benefit from the global energy transition."

Commented John Roberts, the Company's Chair.  

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