2 February 23

Triple Point are B Corp Certified

Purpose-driven investment manager verified by B Lab as a certified B Corp with a score of 97.6

As a B Corp, Triple Point are part of a global community of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental impact

Triple Point has announced its B Corp Certification with a score of 97.6. Triple Point joins a community of businesses that meet high standards of social and environmental impact, further reinforcing its commitment to be counted among companies that are leading a global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy.

Triple Point began the process in 2020 and were verified as a certified B Corp by B Lab in December 2022. B Lab’s standards are the core of the B Impact Assessment, on which all B Corps score 80 or above in order to achieve certification, in addition to fulfilling the legal requirement to uphold stakeholder governance. The Triple Point partnership agreement was amended [in August 2020], committing the partners of Triple Point to uphold the B Corp mission, and ensuring the company engages with mission-aligned partners and investors, whilst remaining focused as a company to maintain and improve high standards.

James Cranmer, Managing Partner at Triple Point, commented:

“Since the day we started in 2004, we have focused on creating a culture that values its people and invests wisely to deliver profits with purpose. It is only by focusing on today’s biggest socio-economic challenges that we can deliver our exemplary outcomes and attract the most talented teams. Becoming a B Corp, with an initial score of 97.6, is encouraging awareness and will only fuel our ambition still further.”

Lindsay Smart, Head of Sustainability at Triple Point, said:

“We need a sustainable economy, which takes account of people and the planet - allowing people today to thrive without compromising the success of future generations. We believe that investments which contribute to and prepare for this future will outperform over the long term.

We are delighted to become a Certified B Corp which is an important milestone on our journey of continuous improvement. We will be sharing our commitments and targets for improvement in our sustainability report, to be published later this year.

Triple Point’s sustainability team strives to provide high-quality and timely expertise across all areas of Triple Point’s business in line with our sustainability commitments. We encourage innovation and best practices, to push the company to lead and drive an attitude of accountability, where sustainability action is owned by all. Being a B Corp helps us do this; it creates a sense of pride in our behaviours and a mandate to strive to do better.”