10 October 23

Introducing Triple Point’s Sustainability Bluebook: 2023 Report

We believe magic happens when you combine a customer Profit motivation, with a heart for People and a drive for Purpose. When this Triple Point aligns it creates an unusually exciting environment for people to do their best work.

‘Triple Point’s Sustainability Bluebook: 2023 Report’ details our sustainability approach, it celebrates our positive outcomes so far, recognises where we need to better and captures some of these in the commitments we make to continued action and improvement - it is our blueprint for a better future. 

Collectively our mission is to ‘be the rising tide’, riffing off the saying – “A rising tide lifts all boats”. In our case ‘all boats’ refers to our colleagues, customers, and the communities we operate in.  Always striving to leave situations elevated for having interacted with us. We want our partners to miss us if we weren’t there.

Our collective efforts are only possible by the multiplying effect of the curiosity, service and thoughtful actions of individual Triple Pointer’s. It comes from a shared belief that it’s only by disturbing the present status that we can better the future, one ripple at a time. 

We believe behaving sustainably is an essential ripple. 

Read the Blue Book now 


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