24 February 15

Hydro VCT - Manager Dial In Q&A - Wed 4 March

With the 31 March deadline for Hydro VCT applications for this tax year rapidly approaching, we will be hosting a call on Wednesday 4 March at 10am with Ben Beaton, the investment manager of our hydro transactions.

This call will provide an update on our existing hydro portfolio, on new projects, and answer any questions you may have. The sessions usually last about 20 minutes.

Sample of Expected Questions

  • Please describe the Hydro VCT investment strategy and why you believe that this strategy will perform well in the current environment?
  • What are the target annual returns for Hydro VCT?
  • What revenue will be generated by the FITs and how does this compare to the current cost of electricity?

If you have any questions or would like to listen in please email dalal.rahman@triplepoint.co.uk for further details, or call 020 7201 8990.