2 August 21

Energy Minister visits what will be one of the UK's largest Heat Networks

A partnership between Cory and Vattenfall - underpinned by more than £12 million of funding from the Heat Network Investment Project - will deliver one of the very largest district heating networks in the United Kingdom. In time, heat generated from Cory’s energy from waste facility in the London Borough of Bexley will provide affordable, low-carbon heat to more than 21,000 homes across South East London. This week, Lord Callanan, the Minister for Business, Energy and Corporate Responsibility, met with Dougie SutherlandMike Reynolds, and Triple Point’s Ken Hunnisett to explore the role the venture will play in a fairer, faster and greener recovery from the pandemic. 

Ken Hunnisett, Project Director at Triple Point Heat Networks Investment Management, said: “the scale and ambition of this project are immense, but it is the palpable sense of urgency that is so impressive. It is not much more than a year since Cory and Vattenfall announced their partnership yet there's already been such tremendous progress. This is the decade in which we need to do most of the heavy lifting on the road to net zero and Lord Callanan's visit today is proof positive that the team here are doing it brilliantly well. It's been a pleasure to support them with funding from the Heat Networks Investment Project.” 

Read more in the announcement article - https://bit.ly/3ftFci1 
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