7 October 21

Can subsea cables help create a more sustainable internet?

“Subsea cable infrastructure connects our digital world. It is now time to develop a sustainable focus on how that digital infrastructure can help decarbonise our ever-expanding data carbon footprint. A concerted approach for subsea cables and data centre infrastructure enables the growth of digital infrastructure and a more efficient use of the natural resources we have to power that growth. This is at the heart of Verne Global's and Digital 9 Infrastructure's philosophy.” 
Dominic WardVerne Global’s CEO, recently spoke to Silicon Republic on how subsea cables can provide companies greater access to sustainable data centre solutions. Read the full article here
Digital 9 Infrastructure plc (D9) owns two digital infrastructure platforms: 
- Aqua Comms with 20,000 km of subsea fibre connectivity – the backbone of the internet 
- Verne Global, the leading Icelandic data centre platform – 100% powered by renewable electricity 
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