5 July 21

Bicycle subscription firm Bike Club goes up a gear

Triple Point Leasing and Lending is delighted to announce a £7.5m debt facility funding into the Bike Club, the UK’s first monthly kids bike subscription service.  
Founded in 2016 by husband and wife team, James Symes and Alexandra Rico-Lloyd, the Bike Club is playing a major role in getting children into cycling. The monthly subscription service makes high-quality bikes more accessible to parents. The bikes can then be exchanged at any time as their child grows to ensure they always have the perfect-sized bike – eliminating the throw-away culture that was previously commonplace. 
Gavin Maitland-Smith, head of structured finance at Triple Point commented: ‘’The Bike Club is an extremely innovative business, and one that we’re excited to be supporting. As families look to access high-quality cycling equipment through easy to manage payments, more and more people are seeing the value of a subscription-based service. With demand for cycling at its highest level in decades, Triple Point is proud to support the Bike Club in getting thousands of families on two wheels.” 
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Read the announcement here – https://bit.ly/36sUfnf 
Find out more about The Bike Club here - https://bit.ly/2VgcUAc