8 July 15


The Triple Point Estate Planning Service was designed to provide one convenient, simplified inheritance tax planning solution by combining Triple Point's Navigator and Generations strategies, allowing investors to choose how much risk they want to take and for what commensurate yield. Navigator and Generations have proven track records and focus on the provision of funding for businesses and, in the case of the Generations Strategy, public bodies, to acquire assets, deliver services, and to support growth and investment.

With the recent launch of the Service, Allenbridge has published their report which concludes:

“Where we believe the Service looks particularly strong is in its liquidity profile and the quality, number, and diversity of its customers… The Manager is well regarded in the origination of alternative tax efficient investments, and key personnel appear to have the requisite skills to undertake their obligations. The strategy of asset leasing and SME lending is likely to appeal to investors looking primarily for capital preservation who would gain comfort from the quality and number of customers, and may welcome the opportunity to select the risk profile that is suitable to them.”

Please find a copy of the report below.