14 December 17

5 Reasons why your clients should look beyond traditional investments in 2018

1. UK interest rates historically low

Your clients have been living with the reality of a low interest rate environment for almost 10 years, which is expected to continue for the foreseeable future – investors seeking to grow the value of their savings need to consider alternative options rather than keeping their cash on deposit with a bank, building society or in National Savings and Investments.

2. UK inflation rate at its highest level since 2012

With the current inflation rate at its highest level since the start of 2013, clients who have their savings on deposit with banks or in Cash ISAs are effectively losing money. According to the Office of National Statistics, the CPIH % change over the last 12 months was 2.8% as at October and if your client was earning 0.5% pa on their deposits, they have lost 2.3% in real terms – a huge price to pay!

3. FTSE 100 close to its highest level ever

Are we due a stock market correction soon? Nobody can ever know for sure when the next correction is due, but it’s probably fair to say that equity investments have done well. Investors who have seen strong returns from equity investments often do not recognise the potential short term volatility of the stock market, and the risk that accompanies it.

4. Increases in UK property prices expected to slow

Across the UK as a whole, a leading real estate services provider expects house price growth to halve over the next five years, from the record growth recorded since 2012. This, together with the Government’s stance towards the private Landlord makes the property market a lot less attractive to potential investors.

5. UK Economy entering a period of marked uncertainty

The uncertainty around Brexit is weighing down the UK economy and adversely affecting growth. Additionally, Sterling recently hit a 31-year low against the dollar directly fuelling the rise of inflation. Such a situation is driving Investors towards investments that provide security in this potentially volatile environment.

The Triple Point Advancr Service tackles these issues head-on.

The Service is built on a simple proposition; to give individual investors direct access to our professionally managed leasing and lending investments via fixed interest secured bonds.

Advancr Bonds are distinctive because each single bond is still diversified across over 60,000 underlying assets, helping to mitigate risk.

Investors can choose from a number of investment terms, income options and can also earn tax free interest by buying our Advancr Bonds through Triple Point’s Advancr Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) or through selected Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs).