27 June 16


Triple Point, Private Investment Specialist proudly celebrates the 10 year anniversary of our Generations investment strategy.  

It is now over 10 years since Triple Point launched its Generations investment strategy, which pioneered access to leasing, and asset based investments into high quality public sector and NHS counterparties for private investors – coupled with IHT mitigation.

Generations has now advanced over £285m of funding and has consistently been ranked by the Tax Efficient Review as the number 1 provider of IHT solutions.

Triple Point’s Estate Planning Service allows prospective investors to access and select how much they would like to invest into either the Generations or Navigator strategies.

Both our Navigator and Generations Strategies create value for our investors by consistently delivering returns within their target ranges of 1.5% to 6.0% net of fees, charges and corporation tax, whilst allowing them to remain in control of their assets.

With so many Business Relief Solutions in the market The Estate Planning Service provides additional diversification in investors’ estates by allowing unique access to the Leasing Sector. After 10 years of building lasting partnerships, Triple Point now manages one of the largest privately owned leasing businesses in the UK.

We make it simple for clients not only to understand the underlying trades, but also to access them. Only one application is required to access a blend of both/either of our successful BR strategies; Navigator and Generations. This allows us to offer advisers and their clients greater choice and diversification, plus a wider range of target returns, within one wrapper.

James Cranmer, Managing Partner at Triple Point, commented: “This year marks a fantastic milestone in the continuing success of our Generations Strategy, and for Triple Point as a whole. We set out to provide secure, steady returns for our investors which were un-correlated with stock markets or other investment alternatives, whilst also offering rapid Inheritance Tax Mitigation. We’ve now been able to do so, as a market leader, for over 10 years and are extremely proud of the value we add within the sector.